Dr P.F. Jeremiah and his Infernal Roomate

Introducing Ezekial Cage, arch rival to the good Dr Jeremiah, as we review The Longest Yard. 

Music Videos

123 by Judah Haley

Our hero struggles to free us from our screens, by destroying cell phones with his trusty nail gun!

Mystery Theater

Real Housewines

Plethos Productions hosted this Murder Mystery at the Twining Vine Winery in Castro Valley. Who woulda guessed that the guy in the black hat was the murderer. 🙂


Elf Quest

Enjoy this audio sample below from a recent audition for ELFQUEST: THE AUDIO MOVIE.


Live Play

Mystic Midway

Aternium Road Actual Play Episode 1 – A group of folks from the mundane world are pulled into the Mystic Midway, a land of whimsy, magic and terrible danger.